Using Essential Oils in the Summer & What You Need To Know!

May 18th 2020

Using Essential Oils in the Summer & What You Need To Know!

Photosensitivity! It’s what I’d like to discuss with you today! The weather is getting warmer, the sun sure seems to be shining a lot more and several of the mandated restrictions that we’ve been dealing with are being lifted! This means that we will all be out & about more! Yay! We just want to make you aware, as well, help to keep you safe while your using your essential oils during this time.

Certain oils are known to be photosensitive. What does that mean? Well, they can cause skin irritations, such as redness, burning, itching, blistering, skin discoloration or even inflammation when applied topically to the skin & then exposed to any UV light. This includes the sun & tanning bed UV light. The single essential oils that we sell that fall into this category are Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemon & Lime. These oils contain chemical compounds called furocoumarins. These are the naturally occurring organic compounds found in the plants to help them ward off small animals or bugs in nature. While this is great for the plants, it’s not so great for us during those sunny days.

Any photosensitivity issue with these oils can be avoided by simply not using these particular oils 12-18 hours before you are going to be in the sun or tanning bed. Try applying the oils at night before you go to bed instead. Also having a shower in the morning can help to wash the residue of the oils off the skin.

Several of our Essential Oil Blends also contain these single oils, and need to be regarded in the same way.Allergy Trio™, Bandit™, Breathe Easy™, Calm™, Happy Citrus™, It’s All Good™, Slim & Sleek™, Stress-B-Gone™ & Sweet Forest™. Simply avoid putting them on the skin where the skin will be in direct contact with the sun or tanning UV rays or avoid using them 12-18 hours before being in the UV rays.

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As always, if you have any questions, send us a message, we’ll answer all we can! Stay safe & stay healthy! &