Essential Oils & Nail Fungus

Feb 16th 2021

Essential Oils & Nail Fungus

Here’s something NO ONE wants to talk about! Trust me, with 25 years in the Cosmetology Business … I’ve just about seen it all! It’s embarrassing to have and it’s embarrassing as a salon professional to have to ‘suggest’ that you, as a client, may have a Fungus on your Toe Nail or Finger Nail.

Toe Nail Fungus is something a LOT of people deal with! A LOT … you are not alone! It’s very aggravating and can take MANY months for it to go away and/or grow a new nail. You NEED to be consistent with your plan of action!

Many #essentialoils are known anti-fungals! Essential oils can be used along side a prescription or in a treatment all alone. If you think you may have a fungus … follow the instructions above to begin your path to a healthier you! ♥

As always, if you have any questions, simply message us! We’re here to help!