Nature's Lysol Essential Oil Spray

Feb 8th 2020

Nature's Lysol Essential Oil Spray

Are you trying to become a more natural home by eliminating chemical based cleaners and such? Well, if you are or your just wanting to know how to put those Essential Oils to good use that you've got laying around ... here's a quick & easy recipe for an all natural alternative to every ones favorite disinfectant sprays! You'll just need a few ingredients, including an amber glass spray bottle. We found these bottles on Amazon, this link includes 2 - 16 oz Amber Spray Bottles & 6 - 2 oz Amber Spray Bottles, you can use the smaller bottles for extras to carry in the car or for additional projects ... we'll post those later! Nature's Lysol Essential Oil Spray

Nature's Lysol Essential Oil Spray


• 16 Oz Water
•  5 Drops Lavender Oil
• 10 Drops Lemon Oil
• 15 Drops Tea Tree Oil
• 15 Drops Rosemary Oil


• Place all the ingredients in the amber glass bottle & shake before each use!

There it is! Super simple & easy to use! Remember to always label your bottles, so you know exactly what's in them!

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Have a great day!
♥ The Saffron Team