Bigfoot Repellent

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Bigfoot Repellent

You can never be too prepared when searching for Bigfoot! We've had excellent results with our newest product ... Bigfoot Repellent™ ... so much so ... that we've not had one encounter since we've started using it!

Bigfoot Repellent™ is available in a convenient to carry bottle, which makes it easy to tote around with you, carry in your backpack or purse and is super easy to use! Simply Shake & Spray.

Our Bigfoot Repellent™ is made with 100% Pure & Natural Essential Oils of Citronella, Geranium, Cedarwood, Lemongrass & Rosemary, then blended with Alcohol & Water.

While we were testing our Bigfoot Repellent™, we've learned a few things.
#1. It does NOT repel bears.
#2. It WILL repel most bugs. *Bonus!*

Directions: Spray your clothing & campsite thoroughly. While you can spray in Bigfoot's eyes, please keep it out of your own. Apply every 2-3 hours for optimal performance.

Human safe for use on skin & children.

If you're concerned with Bigfoot in your area ... stock up now ... grab one for the car too & all your family members!

*Makes a great gift too!