Combining all we do to keep you beautiful & healthy!

We are a Direct to the Consumer Company, offering 100% Pure,
Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils & Essential Oil Blends.

At Saffron Spalon & Herb Co. we are dedicated to helping you feel your best! Whether that is laughing through your troubles with us or mending some of your physical issues with an herbal remedy. We love being part of your life!
Saffron Spalon & Herb Co. is a privately owned business started right here, in Crossville, TN. As stated above, we are a direct to the consumer company, offering 100% Pure, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils & Essential Oil Blends. We love the effects that Essential Oils can have on our lives. These little bottles hold so much goodness and can help make our ways clear and healthy as we go through life! We love exploring more about them ourselves & finding all the attributes of each oil!Keyvan

 Our flagship product, Herbal Dentist™ Tooth & Gum Oil is known worldwide! In fact, we have Herbal Dentist Distributors in four countries and our products are found in many Holistic Dental Offices as well.  Herbal Dentist™ was created by Keyvan, who is a Doctor of Alternative Medicine, he specializes in the restoration of physical health through herbal remedies.  These Herbal Dentist™ products are highly effective in treating such issues as gum disease, oral pain & gingivitis.  

JenniferJennifer is a licensed Cosmetologist, with over 21 years of experience in the beauty business.  She loves helping others look & feel their best and her enthusiastic personality with help you leave your troubles behind.  She has recently taken up the mantle, full-time, beside her Husband, to maintain the marketing side of the 'oily' business. 

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